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Please bring animals you wish to surrender to our facility.
Our facility opens June 1st 2024, please do not visit before this date as we are renovating the building. After June 1st, we will be open Sat & Sun from 12-6pm.


We do not charge surrender fees, however, donations are greatly appreciated as we are 100% volunteer run and operate on donations from our community.

Please note we DO NOT ACCEPT the following:

  • Aquatic species such as axolotls or turtles

  • Snake species that are expected to reach/exceed 9 feet (3m)

  • Lizard species that are expected to reach/exceed 6 feet (2m)

  • Venomous species (medically significant venom)

  • Wildlife



63063 County Road 3

East Garafraxa, Ontario


Sat & Sun from 12-6pm

We do not accept aquatic species because we are on unreliable well water, instead we bring in water containers from our home and we cannot transport enough water to care for aquatic species.

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