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How does it work?



  • Fill out our surrender form.

  • Await a response. If we are unable to accept your animal, we will offer direct re-homing (you hold on to the animal and we will advertise it on the website for re-homing).

  • We will schedule a pick-up or drop-off date, if applicable.

  • Animals that require medical attention are taken to an animal hospital.

  • Animals that do not require immediate medical attention are placed into an appropriate foster home. We have over 30 foster homes and families throughout Ontario, all of which have immense experience with animals and we match fosters with animals based on experience with the species, level of rehabilitation required, etc.

  • Animals remain in foster care until they receive a clean bill of health, along with no noticeable behavioural problems.

  • Animals are placed on our website for adoption.


  • Adoptive parties inquire about the animal they are interested in via the method listed on the animal's adoption page.

  • A brief interview will take place, asking about your experience, expectations, home life, etc, to ensure it is a good fit. We do not conduct home inspections as we believe these are very invasive and do not provide any benefit, we simply ask questions and have an open dialogue.

  • Animals are adopted, yay!

Animals that have long-term health problems remain in foster care. Animals that are defensive or have behavioural problems remain in our care so that we may work on taming and socializing them.

What is your surrender process?

A key part of responsible pet ownership is knowing when to let go. Whether your living situation has changed, you cannot afford to give your animal proper care, or you're simply bored of it, we won't judge.

Complete our surrender form found here, once approved we can schedule a drop-off or pick-up time.

Sadly not all surrenders are guaranteed, we quickly run out of space to house large species so reach out to us as soon as possible.

What is your adoption process?

When you have found an animal that you are interested in, please read the applicable Care Sheet to ensure it is the correct fit for you, then fill out our adoption form here. ​

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

We are a registered charity with the CRA and as such we can offer donation receipts. Please contact us via e-mail and we will issue a receipt. 

What animals do you accept?

We are unable to accept the following:

TURTLES and other aquatic species




What are your fees?

We do not charge any surrender fees.

Our adoption fees vary by individual animal, the fee can be found on their adoption page.

If you require your animal to be picked up, we charge $0.50/km to/from our home (Bolton).

Where are you located?

We operate out of a network of foster families throughout Southern Ontario. We utilize a network of foster families to house our animals, as well as work with other rescues across the province. Hopefully in a few years when funds allow it we can have a facility for people to come and visit.

Will you pick-up my reptile if I want to surrender it?

We can pick-up your animal after the surrender form is approved. Our pick-up fee is $0.50/km to/from Bolton, to be paid in advance via e-transfer.

Do you breed rescues?

No, we do not breed animals of any kind.

I previously surrendered an animal to you, can I adopt one?

If you surrender an animal to us you are not eligible to adopt a pet from us for a period of one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here please reach out to us via e-mail or social media.

A foster-based rescue in Southern Ontario

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