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Our Story

Ontario Reptile Rescue is a registered Canadian charity located in Dufferin County, Ontario. Our charity number is 796274140RR0001. We are currently foster-based, however, we are renovating a building to open our first facility! Our grand opening is

June 1st, 2024


63063 County Road 3

East Garafraxa, ON


Ontario Reptile Rescue began in Morgan's bedroom in 2015. She was always known as the "reptile lady" in her friend group and often had friends-of-friends reach out for help regarding their reptiles. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the demand for animal rescues skyrocketed and Morgan rose to the occasion. In 2020, Ontario Reptile Rescue was officially founded, and less than 6 months later we were approved for charitable status. Our mission quickly grew from her bedroom, to apartment, to home, and now to a 3300 square foot facility. We are not government funded, we rely on the generosity of our community to support our mission. 

We are 100% volunteer run.


As of 2024, we have helped hundreds of animals find new homes and we are so grateful for the support from our community.



Founding Year

ORR was operated out of Morgan's apartment in Toronto. In the first year of operation, 115 animals were adopted, that is one animal every 3 days!


Explosive Growth

In 2021 we expanded from an apartment to a home, and dedicated the entire space to the rescue. In 2022 we helped 186 animals find new homes, that is 1 animal every 2 days!



2023 was met with an overwhelming amount of surrender requests; we received over 1500 by November, with only 11 adoptions for the entire year. We almost closed our operation due to a lack of funds and overwhelming demand.



We remain overwhelmed with surrender requests and minimal adoptions, however, we are trying to be hopeful. In a last-ditch effort, Morgan leased a commercial property in the hopes that having a physical location will bring in more donations and adoptions. The facility opens in 2024 and we need your help now, more than ever.

Our Mission

At Ontario Reptile Rescue, we are committed to advancing the welfare and husbandry of reptiles in need, while fostering compassion, education, and awareness within our community. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for animals that are facing hardship, ensuring their well-being through rehabilitation, rehoming, and sanctuary. Through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships, and educational initiatives, we strive to promote understanding, respect, and appreciation for these misunderstood animals. We work tirelessly to create a world where every reptile is valued, respected, and cherished.

Our Team

Our team is the heart and soul of our organization; comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers, we are driven by a shared passion for reptile welfare and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of these remarkable creatures. From experienced reptile enthusiasts to compassionate individuals eager to learn, our diverse team brings together a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Despite the challenges we may face, our volunteers generously donate their time, energy, and talents to support our mission, demonstrating unwavering dedication and compassion every step of the way. Together, we work tirelessly to provide a lifeline for reptiles in need, ensuring they receive the care, support, and advocacy they deserve.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us!


Morgan Campbell

Morgan is the founder of Ontario Reptile Rescue. She is the face and voice behind our mission. Morgan deals with day-to-day tasks such as surrenders, adoptions, scheduling, fundraising, event co-ordination, and animal care.


David Pifko

David is a valued member of the ORR Team. He assists with animal care, fundraising, and adoption events.


Karina Schulz

Karina is one of our educational writers. She currently has a B.A. in Psychology Specialization from UWO and is working towards a master’s degree. Karina has always had a passion for animals, both fluffy and scaly. She has taken animal cognition and neuroscience courses, providing a great basis to critically think about the care and welfare that captive reptiles should receive. In her spare time, Karina can be found hanging out with her animals, drawing, or playing guitar.

Small house on an autumn’s


We currently have nearly 80 foster homes across Ontario! We are looking for people that are able to house large species such as monitors, tegus, BCI, and iguanas.


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