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Morgan Campbell

Morgan is the founder of Ontario Reptile Rescue. She is the face and voice behind our mission. Morgan deals with day-to-day tasks such as surrenders, adoptions, scheduling, fundraising, event co-ordination, and animal care.


David Pifko

David is a valued member of the ORR Team. He assists with animal care, fundraising, and adoption events.


Karina Schulz

Karina is one of our educational writers. She currently has a B.A. in Psychology Specialization from UWO and is working towards a master’s degree. Karina has always had a passion for animals, both fluffy and scaly. She has taken animal cognition and neuroscience courses, providing a great basis to critically think about the care and welfare that captive reptiles should receive. In her spare time, Karina can be found hanging out with her animals, drawing, or playing guitar.


Volunteer with us!

We have remote volunteer positions available:

  • educational writer

  • graphic designer


Click here to learn more!


About Us

We began rescuing animals in 2015, taking in the odd reptile as needed. However, at the start of Covid the surrender requests skyrocketed and we decided to tackle the problem head-on and make a charitable organization and rescue dedicated to reptiles.

As of 2023, we have 2 members on our Board of Directors, nearly 30 foster homes, and have helped close to 350 animals.

Animals Helped

In 2021 we helped 112 animals have a second chance at life, that is 1 animal every 3 days!


In 2022 we helped 186 animals find new homes, that is 1 animal every 2 days!

2023 is off to an overwhelming start and we are doing our best to help all those that we can.

A foster-based rescue in Southern Ontario

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