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We spare no expense taking care of our animals. Reptiles require special diets, large enclosures, and expensive vet care. Our high standard of animal care comes with high costs, every donation whether it be monetary or otherwise goes directly towards our animals.


Needed Supplies

  • Substrate (coco fibre, Eco Earth, sphagnum moss, topsoil).

  • Heating lamps and bulbs.

  • UVB lighting and fixtures.

  • Food and water dishes.

  • Enclosures of any size.

  • Animal carriers for transporting reptiles.

  • Hides and decorations.

  • Frozen rodents

  • Home Depot/Lowes giftcards (we make large enclosures for bigger species).

You can view our Amazon wishlist by clicking the icon below.

  • Amazon

Sponsor a Friend

Do you have a friend at our rescue but are unable to adopt them? You can sponsor an animal with a monthly subscription. The profits go straight back into the rescue to provide high quality diets and care.

Become a Foster

Do you have space in your life to foster an animal? We are overwhelmed with surrender requests and could use your help!

Learn more here.

We are opening a facility - watch our social media for our grand opening announcement!

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