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Clear Water Lake

Whites Tree Frog



Scientific Name: Litoria caerulea

Common Names: Whites Tree Frog, Dumpys Frog, Australian Tree Frog

Native Habitat: Australia and Southern New Guinea

Lifespan: 10-20 years

Size: Typically 3-4.5", fully grown females are typically larger.



Temperament: docile, shy

Ease of handling: Very tolerant of handling, however, as with all amphibians, be sure to wash your hands or wear clean gloves.

Skill level: Beginner

Activity level: Nocturnal



The minimum size for a single Whites Tree Frog is 18x18x24". The lid of the enclosure needs to be secure as they are excellent climbers. They enjoy having a water feature that they can soak in.



Temperature: Ambient temperature should be 24-25°C, with a vertical temperature gradient of 24-29°C

Lighting: A day-night cycle should be provided, which can be provided with UVB or LED. If you require a heat source, a low wattage or nano basking bulb can be used. Low-level UVB can be provided (for example, Arcadia Shade Dweller - Arboreal).

Humidity should be between 60-70%, along with a shall water feature for soaking. Ensure all water is treated to remove chlorine.



They love to climb, plenty of climbing surfaces should be provided such as cork bark, branches, vines, and plants.



They are insectivores and should be offered a varied diet of appropriately sized insects such as crickets, black soldier fly larvae, mealworms, and superworms. Feeders should always be gutloaded and dusted with calcium.

We are a foster based reptile rescue located in Ontario, Canada.

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