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Sanctuary and Long-term Care

The animals below reflect a few of the cases we deal with daily. All animals listed have medical and/or behavioural issues. Most of these animals require daily care and hand-feeding, they are from neglect and poor husbandry. Approximately 75% of the animals we receive require medical care and many will stay in our long-term care. The adoption fees from our healthy adoptable animals allow us to provide for these neglected animals. Before photos are on the left, after photos are on the right.

Will the Leopard Gecko

Will has a severe case of metabolic bone disease. His front limbs are deformed and he walks on his elbows. Will's limbs will probably never recover but with proper treatment and husbandry his illness will not progress. Will requires tong feeding and syringe feeding, as he cannot eat or drink by himself. 

Edit Nov 2021: Will is doing very well in his foster home. He has put on weight, is quite active, and doesn't let his deformities slow him down.

Ash the Leopard Gecko

Ash has a severe case of Vitamin-A deficiency that has affected his eyes. He is quite lethargic and we hope his loss of vision is temporary. He is on a proper diet with vitamin supplements and we hope the condition of his eyes is reversible.

Edit Oct 2021: Ash is doing well, his eyes have recovered and he does not suffer from any vision impairment. He is currently in foster care.

Lizzy the Leopard Gecko

Lizzy was surrendered with a serious case of mouth rot. She had necrotic tissue in her mouth, abscesses under her eyes, and her eyes had become necrotic. She required daily de-bridement of the infected tissue and daily syringe-feeding. Unfortunately the mouth rot was so severe she lost a large portion of her gums and both of her eyes. However, she has healed nicely and doesn't let the lack of eyesight stop her. Her treatment plan includes daily syringe-feeding and we are hoping she starts to put back on some weight.

Edit Sept 2021: Lizzy has been transferred to another rescue to continue her long-term recovery. She is eating regularly and has put on weight, she is doing well despite her previous condition.

Tommy the Red Eared Slider

Luckily Tommy's story isn't a sad one, she is in our long-term care simply due to her age. Tommy is a whopping 31-years old and was very well taken care of. She will live out the remainder of her days in our sanctuary.

Edit Nov 2021: Tommy is still going strong in our sanctuary, she is receiving a large tank upgrade in Dec.

Blizzard the Leopard Gecko

Blizzard was surrendered with vitamin-A deficiency. It caused shedding and eye problems, unfortunately it was left untreated for nearly a year and he ended up losing both of his eyes. Blizzard requires daily syringe-feeding and care, but he remains at a healthy weight so we are hopeful for him.

Edit Oct 2021: Blizzard is in foster care and doing wonderfully.

Butterscotch the Ball Python

Butterscotch is the snake that started it all, he was left behind in an apartment when the owner moved out. He went without food, water, or heat for weeks until he was found and surrendered. Sadly, even with regular handling Butterscotch has a difficult time telling the difference between human and food. We do not feel comfortable adopting him out  due to his behaviour.

Edit Nov 2021: Butterscotch still thinks everything that moves is food, he will remain in our sanctuary and will not be available for adoption or fostering. We love him regardless.

Ginger Snaps the Leopard Gecko

Ginger Snaps is a 15 year old leopard gecko. When she arrived at the rescue we were told she hadn't eaten in a long while and was refusing all food. She tested positive for cryptosporidiosis which is an incurable parasitic infection of the intestines.

Edit Sept 2021: Unfortunately, due to her age, deteriorating condition, and risk of spreading infection to other animals, Ginger Snaps was humanely euthanized.

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Sunflower the Leopard Gecko

Sunflower has metabolic bone disease that is primarily affecting her spine, she requires syringe-feeding and a lot of patience.

Edit Sept 2021: Sunflower is currently in foster care and is doing well.

Winnie the Bearded Dragon

Winnie was surrendered with a pretty bad upper respiratory infection, which is now cleared up. Winnie still needs to put on some weight and be monitored for a few weeks to ensure he is eating and healthy.

Edit Nov 2021: Winnie is currently brumating and will be available for adoption once the weather warms up.

Trogdor the Red Tegu

Trogdor was surrendered with several layers of very hard shed stuck on him. He receives daily baths to soften and remove the stuck shed. He is finally able to open his eyes and eat again. He is making steady progress and hopefully he will be able to join us for educational programs.

Edit Nov 2021: Trogdor is still doing very well, he remains in our sanctuary. He is currently brumating.

Morla the Red Footed Tortoise

Morla spent the first 15 years of her life in a dog crate. She has scars on her face from rubbing against the bars trying to escape. Her shell is pyramid-ing from a lack of UVB and her legs were quite weak from living in a small space. Morla is now in a very large pen all by herself and enjoys wandering around and exploring while we clean and care for the other reptiles. Morla will be joining us for educational programs.

Edit Feb 2022: Morla's legs have improved astronomically, she is a speedy little tortoise!

Baby the Ball Python

Baby is a juvenile ball python in rough shape. He is a recent arrival. He was covered in stuck shed, is currently recovering from an upper respiratory infection, and is severely underweight and dehydrated.

Edit Nov 2021: Baby is consistently gaining weight and will remain in our care until they are a bit older.

Olly the Bearded Dragon

Olly was surrendered because he was severely underweight and not eating. He has since been treated for parasites and is gaining weight steadily.

Edit Oct 2021: Olly is in foster care and doing well.


Sponsor a Friend

If you wish to contribute to the care of these neglected animals you can sponsor a friend.


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