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Foster Form

Please answer all questions as accurately as possible.

This form is for the purpose of fostering an animal on behalf of Ontario Reptile Rescue (ORR).

We are currently overwhelmed with medical bills. As such, we are unable to afford any more vet bills at this time. By accepting an animal, you agree to be financially responsible for it.

You will be provided the equipment that is surrendered with the animal. In some instances this means no equipment is provided, or the enclosure may be dirty or undersized. We will do our best to provide larger enclosures and better equipment when possible, but please note this is not guaranteed. Please see the individual "Foster Wanted" post on Facebook for the details of the animal and equipment.

ORR is doing their best to keep their doors open and help as many animals as possible but we are currently overwhelmed and need your help.
Drop-off / Pick-up Option. Please select all that apply.
Conditions of Fostering:

Submitted, thank you!

A foster-based rescue in Southern Ontario

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