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Red Eared Slider

Quote from current owner: "Raphael is a domestically raised turtle, about 30 years old and loves people and interacting. He has a beautiful and lively presence.

Raphael lives in a large tank with 3 gold fish, and loves the company of other living beings in his environment. I would really like to find a loving person who is interested in interacting with him and making relationship with a turtle, or who also has an office where he would have lots of contact with people interested in him."


Species: red eared slider

Age: 30 years

Sex: male

Special Needs: N/A

Health Problems: N/A


If you are interested in adopting Raphael, please contact his current owner at

This will be a direct adoption from the current owner to the adopting party, we do not have Raphael in our care at ORR.

A foster-based rescue in Southern Ontario

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